DIY : Light Bulb Vase Tutorial

Ideas MagazineThis project I found in the Ideas Magazine. Their instructions are different to mine. Mine are below, you can find theirs on their website  here and their tutorial here !

So, I followed their tutorial it is very easy! The only thing was I didn’t have everything they said you should use. So I substituted things. My version is below.

Light Bulb
Craft Knife
Wire Cutters
Old Towel
Screwdriver (Preferably Flat)
Safety Glasses

1. Hold the bulb with the towel and taking the craft knife gently make an incision into the top part of the light bulb, then gently holding onto the bulb carry on cutting the top of the light bulb off or it comes loose.
3. Once the top is slightly loose, there is a wire that you may need to cut, use the wire cutters to cut this wire off and the top should come off.
4. Now take your screwdriver and place it in the glass that holds the elements in the bulb, tap it until the glass breaks and drops into the inside of the bulb, you may have to do this a few times to get all the glass off.
5. Now take our pliers and covering the top off the bulb with the towel and making a gap for the pliers clip off the excess glass around the inside of the bulb, the excess will fall into the bulb.
6. Take your sandpaper, roll it up and stick it into the bulb and sand down the edges where the glass was, you will see that the shards will fall into the bulb, have a dustbin on hand to throw the excess that falls into the bulb away.
7. Rinse your bulb with soapy water, I used water and dish soap and let it dry for a few minutes.
8. Taking your sandpaper again, gently go over the top of the bulb where you cut with craft knife this will make the metal less sharper so you wont cut yourself.
8. Once its dry, take your craft knife and gently make a hole on either sides, you can do this by holding the craft knife and turning it around and around
9. Insert your wire into the holes and using the pliers twist the sides.

Please take note to work outside or somewhere where you can easily clean as the glass does pop out occasionally…

My version in pictures are below :

Cutting the top of the buld off  With the top off  After using the screwdriver to tap out the inside  Sandpapering the inside

Light Bulb Vase

So, that is it from me! Happy vase making!


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